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Saber Google

  • MOVIES | Comedy
    0 episodes | 120 min
  • Season 0 | 2016
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Saber Google is an unusual professional cheater, In love & married to a cheater… After committing many professional fraudulent and swindling operations, he falls into the hands of police and is sentenced to one year in prison. A police officer agrees with him to help him escape and assist him in arresting one of the biggest antique dealers. As 1 condition to this agreement, Saber requires from the officer to issue a passport for him to be able to cross the Egyptian borders. Saber is smuggled and he agrees with the antique dealer on the trafficking of diamonds and the delivery at Alexandria Port where all were waiting for him. However, Saber takes the diamonds and antiques and escapes along with his wife to Italy, where they sell them and start a new wealthy life. Few years later, Saber decides to return home with his wife… The Government builds a strong friendship with Saber... But how will the govermenent react when they discover Saber true identity..."
Mohamed Ragab
Saber Google
Sara Salama
Randa El Buhairi
Ehab Fahmy
Moamen Nour
Lotfy Labib
Fathi Srougi
Nour Kadeki
Hady El Gayar
Ahmed Siam
Reda Idriss

Mohammad Samir Mabrouk
Mohamed Ragab
Ismail Farouk