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  • SERIES | Drama , Romance
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2015
    Country of origin: Lebanon , Syria
"It was once said, ""When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace,"" that we have evolved to what we are with the wealth of nature, not with the wealth of money. Yet, our modern society seems to know not about love or about nature; it has become a materialistic culture where the dominant value is money, and money, the dominant value for power.

Between one with money and another without, a vicious war is being waged. It is the new society value system: money is the need for survival, the key for comfort, the answer for freedom. Not having enough heightens the pressure.

It haunts the beds of the needy, the greedy, the mighty and the great.

It is true then that we are all unconsciously taken over by concern over money.

It is true that our relationships are based on money; that love never survives in the absence of money; that families are scattered and divided because of money!!

We were once taught that love conquers all, that gratitude is the greatest of all virtues, that, in the fight over money, all combatants are losers, that losses in the name of money will never be redeemed... So where do we stand?

When values are shaken, ideals challenged, morals tested? In this stimulating and inspiring social drama, Cello, the threads are laced with the most daring intentions to question all such great notions that rule over our modern society.

A story of relationships put through the test of a love triangle, of deadly obsessions, and passions driven with intense happiness, and broken with the bitterness of defeat and former glories..."
Tim Hassan
Taymour Tajeddine
Nadine Nassib Njeim
Youssef El Khal
Karmen Lebbos
Yosra El Lozy
Anjo Rihane
Ayman Abdel Salam
Ali Mneimneh
Khaled El Sayed
Jihad El Atrach

Samer Al Berkawi
Najib Nseir