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Eyes of the Heart

  • SERIES | Drama , Romance , Action
    70 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2015
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Following heavy social pressures, the poor country girl Samira found herself compelled to pretend she had lost her eyesight. This innocent lie will provide her with a monthly social aid offered by the Young Girls Association For The Blind, a private organization established and managed by Omar El Benhawi, a young man haunted by guilt for having inadvertently contributed to the death of his blind sister ""Manal."" 

Not knowing she is sighted, Omar falls in love with Samira. After their marriage, she succeeded in helping him free himself of all the bitter feelings, of the shame and guilt that were consuming his soul.

But now that his soul is born anew, and because no lie can live forever, it would be too unfair for him to go on living with an innocent old lie.

The time has come for Samira to confess: that never in her life she was in the dark; that never she was blind. Omar was taken aback! Unable to face his doubts and torn between her lie and her love, Omar retired back to the dark of his shattered dreams, to the blindness and bitterness that had once consumed his life... "
Maged El Masry
Omar Banhawi
Rania Youssef
Samira Masoud
Dina Fouad
Zeina Fawzi
Lotfy Labib
Sahar El-Saigh
Hazem Samir
Momtaz Attar
Ehab Fahmy
Nada Moussa
Galal El Zaki
Elizabeth Sarkisian aka Iman

Fida' El Shendawili
Mohammad Mostafa