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The Red footstep

  • SERIES | Comedy
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2010
    Country of origin: Egypt

"In an isolated orphanage, Manssoura the orphan had a modest unassuming job. She helps her friends and colleagues fight for their rights against the tyranny and corruption of ""Afarem"" the orphanage manager, but when she tightens the rope around her neck, Afarem made up a story of burglary against Mansoura, which compelled her to run away from the orphanage, in search for her uncle in Cairo, who had stolen her birthright share nine years ago, after the death of her father. In Cairo, Manssoura found her uncle working as doorbell in The Red Footstep building.

He is so poor and sick that Manssoura had to pay all she had to help him recover; to no avail, the uncle feebly died. Young Manssoura inherited the job of a doorbell, a job performed by beefy hefty men in every building in the neighborhood, but she had to cope with them and their moustache and muscular physical appeal.

She starts washing the tenants' cars, doing the real estate agent, the delivery woman and the member of the chorus in one the nightspots of the surrounding. Manssoura had to deal with every man and woman she may ever encounter, a platform of human molds representing people's lives and attitudes at the turn of the 20thcentury: the business man, the member of the people representative council, the revolutionary journalist, the drug dealer, the banker, the simple employee, the nonchalant drug addict, the family torn apart, the forsaken children, the private lesson teacher, the modern impostor, the counterfeited doctor, the cabaret singer, and others...so many others in different roles and different agony.

These are the ones with whom she will laugh and cry; the ones who will help her learn from her and their mistakes.

But Manssoura misses her old life and the orphanage - probably she had learned enough to return to those old good friends. It was quiet and calm over there and life was predictable...

Will she ever hit the road back to her old life?! Will she relive the old good years again?! The answer will be found in every episode of this overwhelming enthralling and gripping social comedy..."
May Kassab
Ezzat Abou Ouf
Mohammad Shahine
Lotfy Labib
Inas Kamel
Sousou Goblin
Ahmad Damardash
Hanan Sulaiman
Selma Gharib
Mohamad Husni
Nihal Nour

Mohammad Al Rashidi
Fida' El Shendawili