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Abbas & Inas

  • SERIES | Comedy
    33 episodes | 30 min
  • Season 1 | 2008
    Country of origin: Egypt
"They are both insane... No. No. No.

Both newly wed! But from day one, one question looms large: who's the best, the sane, the normal...?

Abbas... or...Ines?

Abbas & Ines is an Egyptian fast track comedy series revolving around the events and circumstances most couples encounter on the 1st year of marriage.

Conflicts and fights, love and compromise - stories inspired from live events, recounted in 33 chapters, on marriage and its hard hitches and the many ways to make it really happen... before we lose it all! Before we believe ""divorce"" is the one and only solution, before we try till there's nothing left...to give it one last try... "
Sherif Hamdi
Menna Fadala

Sherif Hamdi
Refaat Aazmi