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Abu Riad… Minn Addo

  • MOVIES | Comedy
  • Season | 2007
    Country of origin: Lebanon
"""Abu Riad Min Addo ""the Movie is about a journey to Egypt for Abou Riad and his Dearest friend"" Abbes"" the son of Abou Ragheb, to pay his sympathies upon the death of one of his old friends ""Abdel ghafour"", the son of ""Abou Abdel ghafour"".

Upon their arrival they find out that his friend possess a map of an enormous treasure in Lebanon, for so, they return back to Lebanon with the treasure map. 

Meanwhile, Battash finds out about the treasure and decides to take it for himself and to revenge Abu Riad. "
Adel Karam
Abu Riad
Abbas Shahine
Rola Chamieh
Walid El-Alayli
Naim Halawi
Ahmed Rateb
Aida Riyad
Abdullah Moshref
Said Tarabeek

Nasser Fakih